Aer Lingus has partnered with Press Reader to give passengers free access to the digital newspaper and magazine provider’s library of over 7,000 publications.

Customers receive a link to download the press Reader app in their ‘Before You Fly’ email, which is sent out 24 hours before the flight is scheduled to depart.

The number of titles which a passenger can access, and the duration of time they can download content for depends on fares types, and whether the flight is within Europe or a transatlantic service.

Plus and Advantage fare passengers on European flights get download access to five free titles for a period of 24 hours, while Aerspace customers get unlimited access for four days.

On transatlantic services, Saver fare passengers can download five free titles for a period of 24 hours, Smart customers get ten downloads for 72 hours, Flex passengers get ten titles for four days, Business fare customers get unlimited access for four days, and Business Flex customers get unlimited access for eight days.

Once a publication has been downloaded it remains on the user’s device and does not expire. The only fare type not to benefit from the new partnership is the Saver fare on European flights.

Aer Lingus notes that aircraft on its European network are not wifi-enabled, so publications need to be downloaded before departure. It also says that “Even on transatlantic flights where wifi is available, we recommend downloading your titles while you’re on the ground so that you don’t use up too much of your inflight data allowance”.

In addition passengers using the carrier’s lounges at Dublin, Heathrow and New York JFK get full download access to the Press Reader library during their visit.

Last year British Airways launched a trial giving passengers Press Reader accessthis page on the carrier’s website suggests the trial is still ongoing.