Uber drivers and riders will soon be able to address concerns about ride-sharing safety, with the ability to use the Uber app to keep an audio record of trips, CNET reports.

With a forthcoming software update, users will be able to initiate recordings within the Safety Toolkit of the Uber app.

The feature will be available to drivers as well as passengers – both will be advised that rides may be recorded starting before or during the trip.

Recordings will be encrypted and stored on the user’s phone, and accessible only with a key provided by Uber. Users who experience a safety issue during a ride can notify Uber and submit the recording as evidence. Recordings also can be submitted to law enforcement for criminal investigations

Uber is initially testing the feature in Mexico and Brazil – the company intends to introduce the feature in the US as well, but no roll out date has been announced.

Last year Chinese ride-hailing firm Didi Chuxing introduced similar (although in its case compulsory) audio-recording software within its app.