Discounted fares, complimentary bike and scooter rides, priority airport pickups, and eased rules on cancelling rides are among the perks of Lyft Pink, the ride-sharing company’s new membership programme.

USA Today reports that the $19.99 monthly membership scheme will include 15 per cent off the price of all rides.

The programme is scheduled to launch later this year, initially in the US only.

“With Lyft Pink, riders can travel smarter across Lyft’s transportation network of shared rides, bike-share systems, electric scooters, car rentals, and transit partnerships, all within the one app,” according to a statement from Lyft, the second-largest ride-sharing company behind Uber.

Members can also have lost-and-found fees waived if they leave a wallet or other valuables in a Lyft vehicle. Other benefits may be added later, including car-rental discounts and other partner benefits.

Lyft users can’t sign up for Lyft Pink yet, but can add their names to a waiting list here. The company expects the membership programme to appeal primarily to customers who take more than two or three Lyft rides weekly.

Earlier this year Uber was reported to be testing a monthly subscription plan which would include discounted transportation via automobiles and free rides on bikes and scooters, as well as use of Uber Eats.