Hotel group The Hoxton will now allow guests at all its hotels to check in or out at any time.

It said it had been testing the free service in different markets since January 2019 and would now roll it out across all hotels.

Guests must book at the Hoxton website 72 hours before their stay, and will be given a selection of check-in and check-out times from a drop-down menu spanning midnight on the day of arrival to midnight on the day of departure.

Hoxton said it would “offer guests a more personalised experience and more value for money, whilst breaking the mould of the age-old afternoon check-in and early morning check-out, and encouraging travellers to start their holidays early or sleep in all day after a big night out.”

Generally hotels charge extra for flexible check-in and check-out times or require loyalty scheme membership, and Hoxton called its scheme a “first for the hospitality industry”.

It previously offered pay-per-hour late check-out.

The design-oriented Hoxton hotels are run by UK-based developers Ennismore, which opened the first property in London in 2006. It has since expanded to Holborn and Southwark in the city, as well as to Amsterdam, Paris, LA, New York, Portland and Chicago.

Sharan Pasricha, founder and CEO of Ennismore, said: “When we first thought about offering free flexible check-in and check-out to our guests, I was stunned hotels weren’t already doing it, and thought there must be a reason.

“However, after trialling it for one year across our hotels, I can happily say we’re ready to roll it out. Flexy Time is part of our first wave of innovations across the digital and technology space which are set to deliver personalised experiences to our guests.”

The group is currently rolling out a new co-working space concept called “Working From_”.

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