Travellers at LaGuardia International Airport can now get a shared ride to anywhere in the five boroughs of New York City for $20 or less.

Conde Nast Traveler reports that the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, which operates LaGuardia, has partnered with the ride-sharing app Via to offer low-cost ground transportation from the airport.

For $20, travellers can get a carpool ride to the Bronx and Staten Island. Rides to Manhattan, Queens, and Brooklyn are just $15.

The new LGA Connect service, currently being pilot tested, is available to passengers arriving in terminals C and D.

LGA Connect will appear as an option in the Via app; riders enter their destination information and the app matches them to other travellers at the airport heading to nearby destinations and arranges for a pickup.

Via promises a car and driver will be available within 10 minutes of entering a request, and passengers will be dropped off on a corner no more than two blocks from their destination.

Rides are available between 0800 and 0100, seven days per week.