Passengers flying with All Nippon Airways will have more destinations to travel to starting summer next year.

The Japanese carrier said it would expand its international network by adding non-stop services to the following cities from Tokyo Haneda International Airport: Istanbul, Milan, Moscow, Shenzhen and Stockholm starting in summer 2020, with tickets going on sale in mid-December 2019. ANA’s summer schedule next year begins on March 29, 2020 and ends on October 24, 2020.

“There is growing demand to visit Japan, and ANA will increase its international service just as Haneda Airport also expands to adapt for inbound Japanese tourism,” said Seiichi Takahashi, senior vice president of ANA.

“These new routes will increase the ease and convenience for passengers flying to Japan from across the world, a significant benefit of our dual hub strategy,” he added.

The airline said its flights to Istanbul, Shenzhen and Stockholm will mark the first ever non-stop flights to these cities served by a Japanese carrier. ANA also added that while its flights have transited through Milan and Moscow, this is the first time the airline will fly to these cities directly as a final destinations for its passengers.

ANA adds 12 international routes to its Haneda hub

These five destinations are part of the 12 new routes ANA will serve out of Haneda Airport starting in 2020. The airline will relocate the other seven routes from its hub at Narita International Airport. These routes include flights from Tokyo to Qingdao, Delhi, Houston, San Francisco, San Jose, Seattle and Washington D.C.

For its flights from Haneda to Qingdao, Shenzhen, Milan, Moscow, Stockholm, Istanbul, and San Francisco, the Japanese carrier said in a press release that it would “start service as soon as preparation is completed during the summer schedule for 2020”. Flight schedules and the start dates will be announced at a later date, the airline added.

Meanwhile, it plans to fly to Delhi, Houston, San Jose, Seattle and Washington D.C seven times weekly out of Haneda beginning March 29 2020. The airline will suspend these routes that currently operate out of Narita airport.

Here is a flight schedule for its routes starting on March 29 2020:

Route Flight No. Departure Time Arrival Time Aircraft Sale start date
Haneda – Delhi NH837 1010 1625 Boeing 787-9 Nov. 26, 2019 after 10:00am JST
Delhi-Haneda NH838 1830 0555(+1)
Haneda-Houston NH114 1020 0840 Boeing 777-300ER Nov. 27, 2019 after 10:00am JST
Houston-Haneda NH113 1310 1700(+1)
Haneda-Los Angeles NH126 2105 1505 Boeing 777-300ER Nov. 25, 2019 after 10:00am. JST
Los Angeles-Haneda NH125 1705 2115(+1)

Increased frequency on Haneda-Los Angeles and Haneda-Sydney routes

In addition to the new services from Haneda Airport, ANA will also increase frequency on its Haneda-Los Angeles and Haneda-Sydney routes. On the former route, it will increase frequency from seven to 14 round trips per week to and from Haneda, and reduce frequency from 14 to seven flights out of Narita. On the latter, it will increase frequency to seven round trips per week out of Haneda.

Vietnam routes

Starting from March 29, 2020, ANA will introduce seven round trips per week departing from Narita airport to Hanoi. It will suspend its Tokyo Haneda-Hanoi service, which currently offers seven round trips per week.

Also on March 29 next year, ANA will introduce seven round trips per week between Haneda airport and Ho Chi Minh City. The Japanese carrier will reduce frequency on its Ho Chi Minh City service offered at Narita airport from 14 round trips per week to seven round trips per week.

Below are the updated flight schedules:

Route Flight No.  Departure Time Arrival Time Aircraft  Sale start date 
Haneda-Ho Chi Minh City NH891 1800 2235 Boeing 787-9 Nov, 28, 2019 after 10:00am JST
Ho Chi Minh City-Haneda NH892 0025 0825


Route Flight No.  Departure Time Arrival Time Aircraft  Sale start date 
Narita-Hanoi NH897 1850 2220 Boeing 787-9 Nov, 26, 2019 after 10:00am JST
Hanoi-Narita NH898 2350 0700(+1)


Route Flight No.  Departure Time Arrival Time Aircraft 
Narita-Ho Chi Minh City NH833 1855 2330 Boeing 787-8
Ho Chi Minh City-Narita NH834 0700 1500

The addition of these routes will bring the total number of international cities served by ANA to 52 and will expand ANA’s presence at Haneda Airport, one of two primary airports that serve the Greater Tokyo Area along with Narita Airport.