A $324 million high-tech baggage handling system is now operational at Miami International Airport, CBS Miami reports.

Located in the airport’s south and central terminals, the system is expected to double baggage screening and delivery efficiency at the airport.

The system has nine miles of belts, robots that move baggage to security agents for inspection, and sophisticated explosives-detection equipment.

“This new system improves the efficiency of the checked bag system and reduces the risk of injury to TSA officers who no longer have to lift, push, pull or carry bags while doing those checks,” said Daniel Ronan, federal security director with the Transportation Security Administration.

Miami is the first large US airport to deploy the largely automated screening system. “We inspect 100 per cent of all the bags that are checked,” said Miami International Airport Director Lester Sola. “What this technology allows us to do is do it quicker at a higher rate of accuracy.”

The system debuted in July and can handle 7,000 bags per hour. Eighteen airlines are already using the system to screen their luggage, with an additional 30 airlines expected to be added by mid 2020.

Miami airport plans to spend $5 billion over the next five to 15 years, on projects including redeveloping the Central Terminal’s concourses E and F, adding two new hotels, and expanding aircraft parking positions and warehouses for cargo operations.