Passengers flying on Cathay Pacific’s long-haul and select regional routes will have more entertainment content to sift through while they’re up in the air.

The Hong Kong-based carrier says it is giving passengers four-times the entertainment currently available on its flights. The airline says passengers can look forward to more newly released movies, sports coverage, complete TV boxsets and more Asian content.

A spokesperson from the airline confirmed that the new content will be available in all classes and is being progressively rolled out across all long-haul flights as well as select regional services.

“With all this new video content to enjoy, customers could fly non-stop around the world 45 times and never have to watch the same thing twice, making every flight a truly unique experience,” reads a press release from the airline.

Sports fans flying on the Airbus A350 aircraft will be able to watch live coverage of the latest games on the flight as the airline has partnered with channel Sport 24 to offer customers real-time coverage of sporting events from around the world; for example, the Rugby World Cup Finals this month. Meanwhile next year, live coverage of the Tokyo Olympics and the Hong Kong Rugby Sevens will be shown on IFE screens.

The airline has also paired up with streaming service and independent entertainment specialist MUBI in an effort to source “remastered classics and films that never made it to your local cinema”. A spokesperson from Cathay Pacific confirmed to Business Traveller Asia-Pacific in an email that classics such as Bicycle Thieves, Night of the Living Dead and The Long Goodbye, as well as modern indie titles Never Look Away and Fire Will Come are now available.

Passengers travelling with Cathay can also enjoy more full set TV shows. The airline will add complete, multi-season boxsets to its IFE so that passengers can binge-watch drama series on flights, starting with the pilot episode all the way through to the latest season finale. The airline confirmed that it would roll out complete boxsets for TV shows Killing Eve, Line of Duty, Star Trek and The Handmaid’s Tale in November.

In addition to its IFE system, Cathay is also updating its on board food and beverage offering. Earlier this month, the airline said it has begun to offer a plant-based pork alternative called Omnipork on some of its flights.

Cathay Pacific serves plant-based pork alternative on flights