Recently, Swatch unveiled its new Fall-Winter 2019 line, comprising the Bau Swatch, I Love Your Folk and The Knightliness selection. The new line is characterised the most influential art movement of the 20th century, a tribute to one’s own culture and uniqueness and a reinterpretation of the growing fashion protection trend.

Bau Swatch is a celebration of 100 years of Bauhaus, which originated as a German school of arts in 1919 and later transformed into a modern art movement.  The creation combines technical innovation with an artistic approach. Primary colours, geometric minimalism and pure lines dominate Bau Swatch series.

The I Love Your Folk collection honours personal statements and uniqueness, augmenting a touch of folk to the season looks. These include paisley, flowers, lace or patterns.

Knightliness is inspired by the era where clothing signified protection and bejewelling. These styles are evocative of a gothic look, with dark shades like ebony black and blood red.