We recently checked out Singapore Airlines premium economy product on a flight from Mumbai to Hong Kong via Singapore. The Mumbai-Singapore leg was on an A350 aircraft, followed by an A380 on the second leg. We would just like to say how comfortable the overall experience was.

For starters, the cabin really does feel premium and spacious with its 2-4-2 configuration on both aircraft types. The seat is superbly designed with a very generous recline of eight inches and an extendible leg rest. In a fully deployed position, the seat lends itself quite well to resting on a long haul flight. Other little touches that we absolutely loved are the two USB ports, the bottle holder, the reading light and the extra stowage area. The generous 13.3-inch screen only makes it better.

We also loved little extra elements like the complimentary champagne and, of course, the best part, Singapore Airlines has now extended its Book the Cook facility to premium economy passengers. If you choose, like us, to opt for the standard à la carte offering, you can enjoy three main course options. Since ours was a breakfast service, we had a selection of dim sum, scrambled eggs or mee goreng noodles, served with bread, fruit, ice cream, coffee and tea.

There are other frills like priority baggage tags, priority boarding and a separate check-in area. Inflight experience, as you would expect is impeccable, and flight attendants on both sectors addressed us my name, adding a nice personalised element to the overall experience. Singapore Airlines seems to have captured an emerging premium economy market in India, especially in the business travel segment, among those who want a bit of comfort and exclusivity without necessarily having to spend on a business class ticket.