Tourism Ministry has announced that India will have a flexible e-tourist visa programme depending on tourist footfall. Under this, the e-visa fee for a 30-day duration, during the peak season from July to March will be US$25, whereas during the lean period, which is from April to June, the fee would be US$10.

Expressing his views on this, Dipak Deva, managing director, Travel Corporation India said, “In my opinion, this is the best move made to give a boost to inbound tourism after the introduction of the e-visa facility a few years ago. This move addresses two major components considered by travellers — cultural and destination led-demands and the expenses involved.

“Earlier, tourists visiting India would spend over US$1500 for two, for a 14-day trip, a large part of which was because of the high visa fees. Owing to this drop in visa fees by as much as US$75, the number of e-visas is likely to double in the next 3 years, which will help create a considerable increase in the number of tourists travelling to India.”

Additionally, the ministry has also introduced a new five-year e-tourist visa with US$80 fee and a one-year e-tourist visa for $40 fee. However, for Japan, Singapore and Sri Lanka, the lean period visa fee is US$10 and the e-visa for a period of 30 days, one year and five year the fees would be US$25.

The new visa regime is currently under the consideration of Ministry of External Affairs.