Ever since the new Caledonian Sleeper trains entered service in late April there have been numerous teething issues, as we have reported.

The latest issue is one of cleanliness. One traveller believes his accommodation was not properly cleaned after previous guest use.

The Scotsman reports of “repeated cleaning failures” after passengers had complained about the state of their onboard cabins and uncollected litter.

Caledonian Sleeper admits “standards we set for room presentation were not met.”

Customer Fergus McCallum was quoted as saying (regarding his trip last Sunday), “This is about the third or fourth time on the new trains I have been given rooms that have simply had the bedclothes used by the previous guests straightened and not cleaned and the toilets, bins and carpets presented as left by them.”

The new Caledonian Sleeper wishes itself to be known as a hotel on wheels and its prices, especially for the top cabins which come with showers and toilets, reflect this fact.

The Scotsman quoted Graham Kelly, guest experience director of Serco (the train operator) as saying: “We’re really sorry the standards we set for room presentation were not met.

“I can reassure guests that beds are changed and rooms are cleaned each day.

“We will be making it clear to our cleaning supplier that this room did not meet the expected standard.”