Keeping itself in sync with changing dietary preferences of modern travellers, Singapore Airlines is now focusing on offering “wellness cuisine” to flyers. As part of this initiative, the airline has collaborated with Singapore-based wellness house Como Shambhala, where the latter’s world-famous wellness cuisine will be integrated into inflight menus for passengers to enjoy. For now, these dishes will be introduced on select flights departing Singapore in the months to come, with a view to offer more choice to customers.

This partnership between in Singapore Airlines and Como Shambhala is a big move in the aviation industry as it highlights the need for airlines to offer inflight options that are not only healthy but also delicious. Seasonality remains a strong focus for the partners, along with using sustainable ingredients. The airline’s wellness mission will soon be seen on its Book the Cook service as well.

This partnership is part of a larger trend of dispelling the myth that airline food is unpalatable and unhealthy. As more and more frequent flyers become conscious of healthy eating, airlines like Singapore Airlines are stepping up to cater to this market. Wellness cuisine in the skies, here’s a trend worth talking about!