Istanbul’s new airport opened in April many months behind schedule, and issues have now come to light as reported by Germany’s Aerotelegraph and Stuttgarter-Zeitung.

The main problem is that the new airport is located close to one of the world’s largest areas for migratory birds.

This worries both conservationists and pilots, the latter because they fear what would happen should their aircraft collide with a large bird.

According to Aerotelegraph experts warned the authorities of potential risks before the airport opened.

Experts were saying that during autumn alone one million storks pass through the Bosphorus on their way out of Europe to sunnier climes, according to a report by Germany’s

Istanbul’s older Ataturk facility knew of this problem but the number of migratory birds (crossing its area) was 80 per cent fewer.

Other potential issues with the new airport concern difficult wind conditions and poor visibility from time to time says Stuttgarter-Zeitung.

Transport Minister Cahit Turhan has been forced to admit that there could be issues in spring and summer, so longer waiting times at the airport could be expected reports Stuttgarter-Zeitung.

The above media source also reports that some users have already complained about crumbling floor tiles, dirty toilets and general sloppiness.

I personally have been told of lengthy (flight) approaches and long taxiing which can be worse than at Amsterdam Schiphol (an airport famous for long taxiing when flights use the Polderbaan runway).

What have your experiences been of the new airport? Leave your comments below.