Travellers these days are constantly on the lookout for new, offbeat travel experiences. Whether it is exploring lesser known aspects of a city, doing art walks or gin tours, or even camping in the most unexpected locations, today’s traveller is eschewing the beaten path and looking for something new to boast about.

We at Business Traveller India have got our eyes on the market to bring you the most interesting places and experiences to check out during your next travels. Which brings us to our next question — have you ever dreamt of staying in your favourite sports stadium? How is that for a unique glamping option? If you are in Auckland, New Zealand, and have been itching to spend some time at the iconic 116-year-old Eden Park stadium, you can now not only watch a game at the stadium, but also spend a couple of nights, giving you unprecedented access to the ground. How and where does this happen, you ask? Well, for starters, the guys at Eden Park have constructed some custom-made accommodation, discreetly tucked away at one corner of the stadium. Within these little enclaves, you can find a fully-equipped accommodation with plush beds, furniture, linen, an en suite bathroom and lots of amenities, separated from the stadium by a beautiful white picket fence.

Once you book this little listing, you will receive a welcome basket and even get an insider’s tour of this historic stadium. Plan your stay well in advance and you might even catch a high-profile match, which you can watch from your backyard, quite literally. Nick Sautner, Eden Park’s chief executive officer says that the accommodation setting is first-of-its-kind across stadium globally.

“Eden Park is a strategic asset for New Zealand as well as a community asset for Auckland, and we look forward to providing unforgettable experiences around the clock with Staydium Glamping.”

The stadium has two custom-built glamping domes as part of this offering, and travellers to New Zealand must put this on their to-do list.

Both of Eden Park’s Staydium Glamping domes are now available on Airbnb. To book, visit