In an attempt to reduce environmental degradation, Vistara has planned to eliminate individual-sized 200ml water bottles from its flights. The initiative was first implemented on Delhi – Mumbai flights on July 16, 2019, and will subsequently be extended to all flights across the airline’s network over the coming weeks.

As a part of this initiative, economy class passengers will no longer be given water in plastic bottles, and will instead be served in environment-friendly paper cups. However, the Tata-SIA airline does feel that “eliminating the use of bottled water is a major challenge, as a practical, non-plastic alternative is not available for individual units of water.”

Other eco-friendly initiatives undertaken by Vistara include switching to packaging from renewable and bio-degradable sources, serving oxo-biodegradable cutlery and pouch to economy class customers, replacing plastic casseroles with aluminum dishes in economy and china casseroles in premium economy, plastic straws and stirrers with paper or wooden ones, and disposable bowls in economy class with reusable ones.

Vistara aims to further reduce 50 per cent of its plastic usage this year.