WOMO, the men’s cosmetics brand owned by Percassi, and Genesis Luxury, a Reliance Brands Limited company have announced an exclusive long term agreement for the launch of WOMO in India. Products from WOMO range from fragrances to skin care, beard and hair products, along with travel clothing and accessories.

A flagship store is set to open in Mumbai by the first half of 2020. Along with WOMO products, the new store will also offer services by Bullfrog, the barbershop founded by Romano Brida and acquired by Percassi in 2014.

Commenting on this new launch, Sanjay Kapoor, founder and president of Genesis Luxury said, “Indian men have become image conscious and now don’t shy away from paying attention to personal wellness and appearance.

“It is the perfect time for a brand like WOMO and Bullfrog to enter India because it would make a perfect choice for modern gentlemen. I feel no brand understands the needs of a modern man and his hectic life better than WOMO and Bullfrog.”

Currently, WOMO has seven stores — six in Italy and one in Switzerland, and is available in 29 European countries through the e-commerce channel.


Natasha Nitturkar