Next year will see Lufthansa operate even more A380 services from its Bavarian hub.

As Business Traveller has reported previously Lufthansa continues to be unhappy at its main Frankfurt hub.

As a result it has launched many new flights from Munich and today it announced it will transfer two additional A380s to its second hub in Bavaria.

Therefore by summer 2020 it will base no fewer than seven A380s at Munich.

What it means is that Boston will become a new A380 route while San Francisco will, from 2020, have A380 service year round.

In the coming winter schedule from Munich there will be A380 services to San Francisco, Miami and Hong Kong (until December).

From January 2020 Shanghai will replace Hong Kong as an A380 destination from Munich.

This represents a major policy change because the original plan was for Lufthansa to make Frankfurt its exclusive A380 base.

Therefore from 2020 Lufthansa will be splitting its A380 fleet 50-50 between these two hubs.

Says Lufthansa “Since last March, the A380 has been operating very successfully from Munich. A few weeks ago, we welcomed the millionth A380 passenger on board in Munich. Our customers and our crews love the A380 experience.”

It remains what will happen in future years. As we reported here last March Lufthansa will start to reduce its A380 fleet by almost half starting in 2022.

So which hub will then gain the entire A380 fleet?