A Booking.com study reveals that India is among the top five countries where locals consider hospitality to be their innate quality. Other four countries are Thailand, Indonesia, Mexico and Taiwan.

The research was conducted across 21,500 travellers from 29 countries. As per the research, 75 per cent Indians believe that they are more hospitable than many other nations. For Indians, hospitality means ensuring that guests are well fed, which is most important (84 per cent), followed by being cozy 79 per cent and offering guests their own space (78 per cent).

However, Thailand is at the top of the list with 85 per cent locals believing that they are more hospitable. For those in Thailand, priority is given to ensure that guests have privacy and their own space.

Second is Indonesia, with 83 per cent people believing that hospitality is in their DNA. There, ensuring guests are well fed is most important (85 per cent).

Then comes Mexico with 77 per cent Mexicans believing the country to be more hospitable. 79 per cent of Mexican travellers agree that providing a cozy home away from home for guests means good hospitality.

Likewise, 77 per cent Taiwanese say their country is better in hospitality. In Taiwan, hospitality includes being more attentive towards guests, cosy environment and giving local touches.


Aneri Shroff