Globally acclaimed coffee brand, Araku Coffee has been launched in India. Four customised variants — Signature, Selection, MicroClimate and Grand Reserve will be available online, each of which symbolises a different element of Araku.

Although Araku made its debut in Paris, its origins lie in Araku Valley in Andhra Pradesh — the coffee is grown by the Adivasis (a collective term for the indigenous peoples of India) of Eastern Ghats and developed by international coffee experts including agriculturist David Hogg, French coffeeologist Hippolyte Courty and coffee specialist Sherri Johns.

Expressing his thoughts on this new launch, Manoj Kumar, Naandi CEO and Co-founder of Araku Coffee said, “By retailing in Paris with a flagship store in the Marais region and winning best coffee awards in France, we have started rewriting history for the Adivasi farmers, the Araku region, Indian coffee, and social entrepreneurship.”

In an effort to enhance customer’s coffee experience, the brand will also be retailing its signature coffee accessories, designed by Scandinavian designers Anderssen & Voll.

The luxury organic coffee product is available on

Aneri Shroff