Heathrow is rolling out new security scanners that will allow passengers to keep liquids and laptops in their bags.

The airport said it would spend £50 million on the security equipment, which will be rolled out over the next few years.

Once fully operational, the machines will mean passengers will not need to put liquids into a separate plastic bag or place electronics in a separate tray.

Heathrow expects to complete the roll-out by 2022 and says it will cut queue times.

It notes that the technology will not be available at all terminals and security lanes immediately, and that there may still be instances when additional bag checks will be required.

The airport has been trialling the technology with the UK’s Department for Transport since 2017.

The scanners use computed tomography (CT) to create more detailed images.

The ban on liquids over 100ml will remain unchanged, the Times reported.

Perth Airport recently introduced similar machines at its domestic Terminal 1 ahead of a wider roll-out:

Perth Airport’s new scanners will allow laptops and aerosols to stay in bags

Other UK airports will begin their own trials in coming months.

“This cutting-edge kit will not only keep the airport safe with the latest technology, but will mean that our future passengers can keep their focus on getting on with their journeys and spend less time preparing for security screening,” said Heathrow Chief Operations Officer Chris Garton.