Airline alliance Oneworld has announced an expansion of its digital platform, allowing more customers to check in and receive boarding passes for connecting flights on one carrier’s app or website.

The platform was launched earlier this year when the alliance unveiled a brand revamp as part of its 20th anniversary celebrations.

Cathay Pacific and Qatar Airways have already connected through the technology, enabling customers to use either airline’s app and / or website to check-in and receive boarding passes for connecting flights on either airline.

And Qantas has used the platform to deliver connecting flight status to its Oneworld partner airlines.

Iberia and Finnair will be the next two carriers to join the platform. Oneworld says that “in the coming days” Iberia will offer its customers “the capability to check-in and receive boarding passes for connecting flights on the other airlines already linked to the platform, Cathay Pacific or Qatar Airways – with both those airlines now also enabling their customers to check-in and receive boarding passes for connecting flights on Iberia”.

Meanwhile passengers with Finnair connections to or from Cathay Pacific, Qatar Airways and Iberia will “very soon” be able to receive Finnair e-boarding passes via the Cathay Pacific, Qatar Airways or Iberia apps or websites.

Oneworld says that over eight million passengers per year make journeys involving connections between different member airlines, and the alliance is developing other digital services including baggage tracking, seat selection (including when payments are required), and the ability to pay for additional baggage.

Commenting on the news Oneworld CEO Rob Gurney said:

“The role of global alliances, like Oneworld, is to connect the networks of airlines, making it easier and more rewarding for customers to travel to many more places beyond the reach of any single carrier. Our new digital platform brings our promise of seamless connectivity to life in the digital era – delivering multi-airline, multi-sector journeys the way they should be in this millennial day and age.

“Three quarters of Oneworld’s frequent flyers use at least one airline app.  Half of them have at least three airline apps on their mobile devices – but there is a strong preference for using just one single app to cover a journey involving a transfer between different airlines.  Yet, until today, the technology to support that has not been available.  It is now – and Oneworld is on track to be the first alliance to offer this capability across its entire network.”

The alliance has also provided a brief update on a number of Oneworld initiatives: