If you’re travelling to the US with sports or musical gear, you’re in luck: American Airlines has dramatically reduced the checked luggage fees it charges for these items.

CNBC reports that the airline will cut the fee for such equipment from $150 to $30, the same amount charged for a first piece of checked luggage.

The airline said each piece of sports gear or musical instruments will count as a single, standard checked bag.

The lower fee applies to items like skis, surfboards, and bicycles. However, items weighing more than 50 pounds will still be subject to additional fees, and bulky equipment like hang gliders and scuba tanks will still cost $150 to check.

The new policy went into effect on May 21. The airline said it made the change to “ensure that customers can more easily pursue active and healthy lifestyles wherever their travels may take them.”

Last year rival US carrier United Airlines reduced its fee for checking surfboards on flights to California to $30.