While we are already huge fans of Apple’s revolutionary wireless headphones, the new AirPods are giving us even more reasons to celebrate. To begin with, the second-generation AirPods come with a wireless charging case.

Business people who are constantly on the go will be able to enjoy 50 per cent increase of talk time on these headphones, in addition to an impressive audio quality, thanks largely to the new H1 chip, conceived by Apple.

Another development is the “Hey Siri” compatibility, through which you can seamlessly give out commands to your headphones, while on the move. Commands such as call a friend, track changes, weather updates or even volume adjustment only make life easier.

However, the highlight is that the new AirPods features a visibly increased speed of overall functioning and connectivity — for instance, you can swiftly shuffle between devices —iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch — with zero effort.

These AirPods are particularly handy during long airport transits or for inflight entertainment viewing on a personal device. apple.com