A trade group representing US airlines is warning that increased wait times at US Customs checkpoints could hurt business and leisure travel to the country, Reuters reports.

Airlines for America urged the US Congress to support increased funding to hire additional Customs and Border Patrol (CPB) agents.

The testimony comes as the Trump Administration looks to shift more agents to the southern border with Mexico.

“While understandable, a robbing Peter to pay Paul staffing paradigm is unsustainable,” the industry group told Congress.

“The travelling and shipping public should not be subjected to excessive wait times, and we need to avoid inflicting damage on commerce and the overall US economy.”

CPB has already announced that nearly 500 agents are being moved from “northern border ports, seaports, and airports” to the southern border, and that more reassignments could be coming.

Industry groups supported a Senate bill that would give CBP funding to hire an additional 600 agents and avoid staffing shortfalls that could “increase supply-chain costs and cause passengers to miss their connections.”