Concierge service isn’t only demanded by elite guests: a new survey finds that 81 per cent of travellers say they want hotels to provide them with recommendations on local experiences like guided food and cultural tours.

The Hotels Digital Divide report from the hospitality operations platform ALICE said that a large majority of travellers also want to hear about upgrade options from hotels.

“In order to meet evolving guest expectations, hotels should equip their concierge with the most up-to-date information about nearby attractions and cultural experiences,” according to ALICE.

Among guests who desire advice, 27 per cent want dining recommendations and 21 per cent want to receive experience or room/service upgrade recommendations, the report said.

The experiences of most interest to travellers include:

  • Food tastings and food tours of local cuisine (40 per cent)
  • Guided local tours (36 per cent)
  • A learning centre to learn more about local culture and life (33 per cent)
  • Spirits/wine/beer tours (27 per cent)

Demand for technology in hotels was uneven. More than half of consumers said they don’t want to interact with robots, for example, but a majority expressed interest in virtual reality tours of hotels.

And there was strong support for in-room technology such as smart devices, and for enabling tasks like ordering room service and housekeeping from such devices.

Travellers also want better wifi and more personalized service, such as preferred drink selections and toiletries in their room.