Avianca Brazil, which declared bankruptcy in late 2018, has cancelled 1,045 domestic flights, Travelweek reports.

The cancellations were the result of the airline being compelled to return 18 aircraft to leasing companies, reportedly leaving Avianca Brazil with just seven planes.

In a statement, the airline said it is “taking all necessary measures to guarantee the continuity of our business and in view of a possible reduction in our fleet, in order to minimize the impact for both our operations and our passengers, we have decided to proceed as follows: immediate sale closure of various flights; and cancellation of flights.”

On April 1, Avianca Brazil discontinued two prominent international routes from Sao Paulo to Miami and New York.

A list of cancelled flights — some of which were scheduled to depart this week — is available on the airline’s website.

Avianca Brazil is a separate corporate entity from Colombia-based Avianca Holdings SA, which operates flights under the Avianca name from hubs in Bogota and Lima, Peru. Both airlines have the same owners, however.