One of the busiest airports in the US could be getting a little bigger.

The Fort Worth Telegram reports that officials at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport are planning to begin discussions with American Airlines about building a sixth terminal at the airport.

Unlike the five existing terminals, the proposed Terminal F may not have the semicircular design that allows for extensive parking facilities. The new terminal would be built south of Terminal D on the location of the South Express parking lot.

In fact, there’s a chance that the new terminal might be built without any new parking at all.

A linear design might be less convenient for locals but better for connecting passengers. “Sixty per cent of our customers at this airport are here to connect, and the half-moon is not a terrific design for connecting customers,” said Sean Donohue, DFW’s chief executive officer.

A pier-like structure also would accommodate more aircraft in less space. Officials say that the new terminal could include international as well as domestic flights.

The proposed addition to DFW could be rolled into a larger, $3-4 billion capital improvement project for the airport that could also include improvements to Terminal C, the airport’s busiest terminal.