In our hectic work schedule, it is important to maintain a healthy dietary regime. Recently, our visit to SHA Wellness Clinic in Spain helped us understand the intricacies of the food cycle. A wide range of tips on nutrition and healthy recipes can be found in the book titled – The SHA recipes to live longer and better.

Here are a few highlights: 

  • Try to avoid the inclusion of potatoes and tomatoes in your food as they are acidic in nature, and may cause uneasiness.
  • The SHA nutrition recipes do not include dairy, sugar and meat products.
  • Grains, legumes, vegetables, fruits, seeds, nuts and seaweed should be a part of your diet. Adding these components to your food will result in more energy, resistance and vitality, strong immune system and reduced psychological stress.
  •  Healthy eating means choosing from: wholegrain — consuming food in its natural form; fresh and organic food — high on vitamins;  balanced food — to maintain energy levels.
  • Opt for local and seasonal food because by doing so you are helping to strengthen local agriculture and business in addition to reducing the environmental impact caused by transportation of the goods.

Our favourite recipes from the book:

  • SHA Detox juice made with Swiss Chard, daikon radishes, carrots and Golden Delicious apples.
  • Miso soup with daikon consisting of daikon radishes, carrots, onions or leek, wakame seaweed, mugi miso and water.
  • Smoked mint grilled baby vegetables over a cream of mushrooms, walnuts and mirin reduction (rice wine: used for flavouring in Japanese cooking)
  • Salmon tartar, guacamole and puffed rice noodles.
  • Complete your meal with textured chocolate and apricot cream made with cream ice-cream, crumble, twigs, truffles, chocolate crunch and cake.