Members of All Nippon Airways’ (ANA) frequent-flyer programme, ANA Mileage Club, can now accrue miles flying on charter flights operated by the airline’s private jet arm, ANA Business Jet.

Miles earned will be a flat 10,000 or 20,000 depending on the flights members take. Travellers flying on direct charters between Japan and international destinations will earn 20,000 miles, while those flying on charters connecting to ANA international flights will earn 10,000 miles.

“At ANA Business Jet, we aim to make business travel more valuable and flexible by maximising rewards and allowing passengers to get the most out of their time,” said Jun Katagiri, CEO of ANA Business Jet. “We believe that introducing this mileage accrual scheme will add value and provide incentives to business travellers, encouraging them to explore the use of business jets as a new travel option.”

That being said, there is a pretty big caveat – miles accrual does not scale with the number of passengers, meaning even if you are travelling in a party of more than one person the total miles that can be accrued will stay the same.

Miles earnt is also based on complete itineraries and not individual sectors.

ANA launched ANA Business Jet in July last year.

While it remains the most exclusive way to travel, flying by private jet is becoming somewhat more accessible.

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