It’s not just airlines at fault when flights get cancelled; airports play a role, too. And in the US, there’s no airport more likely to have your flight get cancelled than LaGuardia International Airport in New York, according to a study by the travel insurance company

A tropical storm that shut down LaGuardia for several days contributed to the airport’s poor performance in 2018, but New York’s third busiest airport also finished atop this dubious list in 2017.

Other US airports with high numbers of cancelled flights in 2018 included Norfolk International Airport in Virginia, Charleston International Airport in South Carolina, Greater Rochester International Airport in New York, and Philadelphia International Airport.

The nation’s busiest airport, Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, improved upon its performance from 2017, when a power outage resulted in widespread fight cancellations.

InsureMyTrip said that airports which have large numbers of flights serviced by 737 Max aircraft, which have been temporarily pulled from service, may cause shifts in the rankings for 2019.

Ultimately, however, most cancellations aren’t the fault of airlines or airports, but rather the weather.

Salt Lake City International Airport has a very low number of cancelled flights from year to year. Other airports with low cancellation rates includes Boise Air Terminal in Idaho, Kahului International Airport in Hawaii, Sacramento International Airport, and Portland International Airport.