Massport, the governmental agency that runs Boston’s Logan International Airport, is proposing to increase the fee for Uber and Lyft pickups and drop-offs to $5 per trip.

The airport pickup location also would be moved from terminals to the central airport garage, Boston magazine reports.

The plan calls for two pickup locations in the garage — one for terminals A and E, another for terminals B and C.

The goal is to cut down on traffic at the airport, where thousands of Uber and Lyft vehicles arrive without passengers each day. Officials hope that the fee will encourage travellers to share rides, since a flat fee will be charged regardless of how many passengers are in the vehicle. The fees also are meant as an incentive to use mass transit to get to the airport rather than cars.

Currently, Massport charges a fee of $3.50 per trip to ride-sharing vehicles.

During peak hours, Uber and Lyft cars can account for up to 40 per cent of all vehicles at the airport.