With a focus on offering healthy food options and highlighting traditional flavours, Air India is revamping its inflight menu for international passengers. Air India spends approximately INR 800 crore on catering services every year.

The changes are coming into effect from April 1. On some domestic flights, the airline has already introduced the revamped menu.

The new inflight menu will feature local refreshers like aam panna (raw mango juice), jal jeera (summer drink made with cumin powder, mint leaves and coriander), masala lassi (yogurt drink) and buttermilk replacing the usual sweet juices. Round the clock coffee will be served to all business class passengers and curd-rice in place of salads will be served on all flights going to the US.

For lunch/dinner, the airline will serve two courses instead of three and mint green and ginger tomato chutneys will replace salad. First and business class passengers on long haul flights will be able to choose home-made pickles with their meals alongside sweets either prepared in-house or procured from renowned sweet shops.

The national carrier will also change its high tea menu from fried foods to Indian local snacks like cutlets, puffs, poha (flattened rice), upma (thick porridge) and ragda patties (potato patties with dried white peas gravy). For breakfast, masala and focaccia bread along with croissants will replace rolls and plain soft rolls. airindia.in

Natasha Nitturkar