Pilots of the distressed airline Jet Airways are approaching other Indian airlines for employment —IndiGo is said to be hiring expat pilots and out of job pilots (Jet Airways) in India. Since the past few months, the low-cost carrier has been facing crew-shortage issue leading to the cancellation of several flights.

Now IndiGo is offering, jobs along with compensation for overdue salaries to Jet Airways pilots, who have threatened to stop flying from April if the debt-laden airline (Jet Airways) does not pay them before the end of this month.

However, according to some reports, IndiGo pilots have shown resentment towards the airline’s hiring decision and are unhappy with the benefits being offered to Jet pilots.

Therefore, few Jet Airways pilots are approaching SpiceJet seeking job opportunities —the latter is looking to hire more pilots for its international expansion plan. More than 200 pilots have applied for jobs with SpiceJet. Meanwhile, the Gurgaon-based is also in talks to lease some of Jet Airways’ grounded aircraft as well.

IndiGo majorly flies Airbus aircraft, SpiceJet, on the other hand, has Boeing 737s in the fleet. Point to be noted is that, Jet Airways pilots are majorly trained in flying Boeing aircraft models.