The Ritz-Carlton Osaka has revamped its two restaurants and bar — La Baie, Xiang Tao, and The Bar.

The new interior at Xiang Tao is inspired by Chinese Peach Utopia— an age-old Chinese concept describing how people used to gather around the peach trees to wine and dine. The highlight of the renovated Chinese restaurant is a mosaic art on 6-metre-long wall made with individual ceramic pieces (11,000 pieces from 200 broken vases and plates), representing a peach tree in full bloom.

Additionally, a new terrace seating has been added that overlooks a stunning a garden.

Likewise, La Baie features new furnishing with a red accent colour, reflecting the brilliance of French dining. You can also see hints of the Regency era’s design aesthetics in the interiors.

The Bar at The Ritz-Carlton, Osaka combines traditional and contemporary elements —the revamped bar showcases the 18th century’s Nobleman’s mansion with modern furnishing.  The Italian marble bar remains the highlight of The Bar.