This week, the debt-ridden Jet Airways is said to have grounded two more aircraft due to non-payment issues. With this, 20 per cent of the airline’s fleet has become non-operational.

Four aircraft were grounded on February 7, two were grounded on February 23, seven on February 27, and additional six planes the next day. Overall, 25 flights are not in operation.

This has severely affected Jet Airways’ daily service in addition to causing inconvenience to customers. To add to its woes, other airlines including Air India are refusing to fly passengers with cancelled Jet Airways tickets, citing gap between the prevailing prices and what Jet pays under the Flight Interruption Manifest (FIM).

Furthermore, Etihad Airways also seems to be unsure about Jet Airways’ rescue plan. The UAE carrier is seeking clarity on several contentious issues during negotiations. The Etihad board is expected to meet next week to take a call on Jet Airways.