Yesterday readers may have seen our forum thread regarding delays to Eurostar’s Paris Nord departures.

The check-in delays started yesterday morning, and built up over the day with some travellers reporting they were departing Paris Nord two hours behind schedule which is the length of time Eurostar takes to reach St Pancras.

Now I have bad news as Eurostar is saying that the delays will continue throughout today and tomorrow too. It suggests passengers do not travel unless necessary.

Eurostar said today:

“We expect sizeable delays and congestion in Paris today and tomorrow due to French Customs Officers work-to-rule. We recommend not travelling unless necessary.”

And more bad news concerns the train cancellations which Eurostar started to make in February.

These cancellations, details of which are posted on the Eurostar website, were supposed to end this week.

But now Eurostar is saying they will be extended to March 30. And there is still no guarantee they will not be extended into April.