SpiceJet has announced the launch of ten new flights, under UDAN scheme. As part of this, the low-cost carrier has introduced eight new daily direct flights to Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh.

Gwalior is the airline’s 11th destination under the regional connectivity scheme (UDAN); and 52nd domestic destination. SpiceJet also operates flights on Gwalior-Hyderabad-Gwalior, Gwalior-Jammu-Gwalior, Gwalior-Bengaluru-Gwalior and Gwalior-Kolkata-Gwalior sectors.

Furthermore, SpiceJet has also announced four new daily flights for Bhopal that includes services on Bhopal-Udaipur. Bhopal is the airline’s 50th domestic destination — flights are operated on Bhopal-Mumbai, Bhopal-Delhi, Bhopal-Surat, Bhopal-Jaipur, Bhopal-Ahmedabad, Bhopal-Hyderabad and Bhopal-Shirdi.

Tentative flight schedule:

Flight no Departure Arrival Time of Departure Time of Arrival Effective
SG-3731 Hyderabad Gwalior 0550 0825 April 15
SG-3732 Gwalior Hyderabad 1325 1524 April 15
SG-3731 Gwalior Jammu 0845 1050 April 15
SG-3732 Jammu Gwalior 1110 1305 April 15
SG-3737 Bengaluru Gwalior 0920 1240 May 1
SG-3738 Gwalior Bengaluru 1300 1615 May 1
SG-3564 Kolkata Gwalior 1305 1540 May 15
SG-3565 Gwalior Kolkata 1600 1820 May 15
SG-3721 Bhopal Udaipur 1545 1655 March 31
SG-3722 Udaipur Bhopal 1725 1835 March 31
SG-463 Chennai Bhopal 1715 1910 March 31
SG-464 Bhopal Chennai 1940 2145 March 31

Ajay Singh, Chief Managing Director, SpiceJet said, “We are committed to taking air services to every corner of India. SpiceJet is delighted to help fulfill Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision of ensuring that every Indian can fly. We see tremendous potential in the routes that we will operate to Gwalior and I am sure that our new flights will provide a major boost to tourism and trade and contribute to the growth story of this landmark state.”

The new flights will offer better domestic and international connectivity for travellers from Gwalior, Bhopal, Jammu, and Udaipur. spicejet.com