Nikhil Kakkar, Chief Operating Officer, Gold’s Gym lists top trends in the fitness industry. 

  •  High-intensity interval training is the topmost trend. An individual training session involves bursts of maximum-effort with short intervals in between. The session lasts between 30-40 minutes.
  • The popularity of group training or group fitness classes is rapidly rising. Group training as a workout for five or more people led by an instructor is programmed to be motivational and effective way for people of different fitness levels.
  • The corporate world is taking a step towards encouraging employees to stay fit and healthy. Companies are also partnering with gyms or personal trainers to ensure good health of the employees.
  • Technology is also playing a big role in the fitness industry these days. With wearable technology, the consumer is monitoring their personal growth, workouts routine and duration, and even diets. Various apps are available for you to not only track your daily workout regime but also sleep, calories consumed, calories burnt among others.