Virgin Atlantic, across its network, has introduced a new scheme for travellers with hidden disabilities. The scheme involves a specially designed symbol, which can be either worn as a pin badge or kept as a bookmark in the passport — the symbol will alert the VS staff that extra assistance may be required by the individual.

Under the Hidden Disabilities scheme, the Virgin Atlantic special assistance team can coordinate with the individual, prior to the departure, to ensure that their travel is hassle-free. This includes an arrangement for the passenger to be escorted through the airport, access to priority boarding and reserve seating. Additionally, inflight entertainment is provided for blind passengers, with some crew members being trained in sign language.

Geraldine Lundy, Passenger Accessibility Manager at Virgin Atlantic says, “We are committed to giving all customers easier access to travel. The Hidden Disabilities scheme is one of a series of initiatives that Virgin Atlantic is planning on introducing over the coming years, to help those with disabilities overcome any key challenges they may face.”

The Hidden Disabilities scheme forms a part of Virgin Atlantic’s ongoing effort to offer more inclusive service to all.