American Express is introducing a new restriction limiting its Platinum Card members to visiting Centurion lounges within three hours of their flight’s departure time.

Nerdwallet reports that as of March 22, Platinum cardholders will only be able to enter Centurion Lounges “within three hours or less prior to their original scheduled departure time or can provide proof of a connecting flight”.

Holders of Amex’s Centurion Card will still be permitted unrestricted access to the lounges, however.

“As our Centurion Lounges continue to be one of our Card Members’ favourite travel benefits, we are updating our Centurion Lounge access policies to ensure that we continue to provide our Card Members with a relaxing and spacious environment to visit before they head out on their travel journeys,” said a company spokesperson.

Previously, the company announced an end to the $50 day-pass programme for non-cardholders, and also has restricted access at certain lounges during busy periods, in some cases referring travellers to other lounges.

The group is also planning to allow members to check into lounges using the Amex app, in an attempt to help it manage lounge demand.