Located in Nagoya, SCMAGLEV and Railway Park highlights the advances in the highspeed railway segment and how it has impacted the economy and culture of Japan.

On display are the Superconducting Magnetically Levitated Vehicle (Maglev) and as iconic railway rolling stock. The museum boasts having 39 rolling stock displays that have marked world speed records.

SCMAGLEV and Railway Park also showcases many simulators that let visitors enjoy the history of the railway in Japan addition to understanding the mechanics behind Shinkansen and Superconducting Maglev.  There is a Shinkansen train driving simulator with a mock-up driver’s cabin that gives you a feel of an actual Shinkansen drive.

Other attractions to explore at SCMAGLEV and Railway Park include Greatest Railway Diorama, Railway system learning zone, theatre to learn the rail technology development and Relics Room. museum.jr-central.co.jp