Airbnb for Work has commissioned a new survey, unveiling new trends in the “needs of a modern worker”. The survey analyses similarities in what a group of workers wants from their employer; differences in the mindsets between generations at the workplace, managers and non-managers; and worker satisfaction.

Following are a few survey highlights of India

  • The three benefits employees are looking for in a new job include the ability to work flexible hours, maternity/paternity and commuter benefits
  • The majority of the Indian workforce works in a cubicle, with a 67 per cent satisfaction rate.
  • 76 per cent showed interest in contract/contingency work arrangement for attaining flexibility

Airbnb for Work’s new survey also focusses on how the workplace needs and satisfaction vary among generations. The survey shows that Millennials and Gen Z are slightly more satisfied with their jobs than Gen X. Younger generations prefer working in a non-traditional space as opposed to average Baby Boomer (born between 1946 and 1964) who still want a traditional work office environment.

Another key focus point of the survey is understanding the mindset of managers and non-managers. Managers see the workplace as a space for creativity while non-managers think work spaces mostly provide comfort but are also noisy and disruptive.

Additionally, the survey also analyses the trends of how worker satisfaction is affected by where you are in the world. The majority of Indian workers sit in a cubicle and are fine with it. However, they are also more likely to work remote one to three days a week.