Norwegian has ended one of its most popular perks for travellers flying on non-flexible Premium class tickets.

Such travellers will no longer get free access to airport lounges, The Telegraph reports.

The low-cost airline announced the policy change effective on all bookings made after December 21, 2018.

Now, only those who buy the highest-tier PremiumFlex tickets will gain complimentary access to lounges in Bangkok, Barcelona, Boston, Copenhagen, London Gatwick, Los Angeles, Madrid, New York (JFK and Newark), Oakland, Oslo, Paris, Seattle, and Stockholm.

One-way Premium tickets between London and New York can be bought for around £400 for travel in February, compared to £640 for PremiumFlex fares.

Airline officials said that members of the Norwegian Rewards programme can still get discounted access to the lounge at London Gatwick.

The policy change is viewed by industry experts as a cost-cutting measure.