New trainsets are planned to enter service on June 2 according to information tweeted today by Caledonian Sleeper.

Bookings have opened today via what Caledonian Sleeper calls its “Guest Service Centre”. The former will cover both the Lowlander and the Highlander routes.

It had been intended that the new luxury trainsets would have entered service last Autumn but, at the last minute, service entry was postponed.

No official reason was given (the rail industry is secretive at the best of times) but one suspects that Caledonian Sleeper wanted to get it right from the start.

These new trains will be the most sophisticated overnight trains to operate within the UK – for more details see:

New Caledonian Sleeper to launch in October

One suspects Caledonian Sleeper wanted to ensure there would be as few teething problems as possible.

Why am I more optimistic this time? Several reasons:

a) the intention is to operate a test train next week

b) some of the existing trains (these date from the British Rail era) have just been sent for scrappage)

c) it’s reported that two-thirds of the new trains (75 were ordered in total) have now been delivered (months before the official launch).

Business Traveller will keep you updated with developments.