Portuguese airline HiFly recently took its first flight completely free of single-use plastic items like straws and cutlery, with the goal of eliminating all disposable plastics in 2019.

TravelPulse reports that plastic knives, forks, and spoons were replaced by items made from biodegradable bamboo on the flights from Lisbon to Natale, Brazil. Containers were made from compostable materials, while non-plastic cups and cocktail stirrers were used.

The airline plans to do two more test flights before implementing the plastic ban system-wide.

“We can no longer ignore the impact plastic contamination has on ecosystems, as well as on human health,” Hi Fly president Paulo Mirpuri said.“We know, too, from the feedback we have received from client airlines and passengers, that it’s the right thing for the airline to be doing.”

Alaska Airlines has eliminated the use of plastic straws and others, like Delta Air Lines and Air New Zealand, have reduced plastic use. No airline, however, has completely eliminated single-use plastics from cabin service.