The next time you take a deep breath before submitting a $200 lunch bill for reimbursement, remember this: at least you’re not trying to expense a human skull.

Certify, which tracks business travel expenses, recently unveiled a list of most outrageous expensed items collected over the last five years.

“Some of the purchases are downright outrageous, while others make a lot of sense when the employee adds context,” noted Certify.

“Context is a vital ingredient in the expense reporting process. It adds empathy by giving employees an opportunity to provide reasons as to why and how the expense was a value-add for the organization.

“This two-way communication between traveller and approver can significantly improve employee happiness.”

The list includes:

  • A human skull for a medical experiment. The $800 cost was approved by managers.
  • A $6,500 helicopter ride for an employee trying to get to a client meeting (not approved).
  • A $10,000 airline rebooking fee incurred when an employee missed a flight due to being in jail (not approved).
  • A $150 llama rental for a photo shoot (approved).
  • Another $150 for a towed vehicle when an employee parked illegally to get to an important appointment (approved).
  • An $85 hotel room charge for a separate room for smelly garlic samples (not approved).
  • $30 for daily boarding of a pet snake (approved).
  • $125 for tickets to a Cher concert (approved).
  • $8,000 for a Rolex watch for “customer appreciation” (approved).