Emirates has developed a new app aimed at reducing delays caused by the turnaround of its B777 and A380 aircraft at Dubai International airport.

The Hub Monitor was developed in-house and is being used by staff to “share and monitor real time information on the various activities that are carried out to prepare an aircraft for departure”.

Emirates said that it currently takes around 90 minutes to turnaround B777 aircraft, and around 105 minutes to turnaround an A380 superjumbo. The carrier operates a fleet of 270 aircraft, with around 255 flights departing Dubai each day.

The standard turnaround process includes the cleaning of interiors, water and toilet servicing, loading meals, refueling, maintenance checks, loading passenger luggage and cargo, and servicing the aircraft’s Auxiliary Power Unit.

The app integrates data from a number of sources, allowing cross-functional teams to keep track of activities on a real time basis, and triggers alerts when there are delays, enabling the carrier “to identify and resolve the root cause of any potential delays”.

The airline said that initial results since the app was deployed in August “indicate that Hub Monitor has the potential to bring about a significant delay reduction at Emirates’ Dubai hub every year”.

Dubai International is the world’s third busiest airport by passenger traffic, handling around 88 million passengers in 2017.

Emirates is currently in the process of launching the world’s first “biometric path” at the airport’s Terminal 3, aimed at reducing the time taken for passengers to pass through the airport, and “deliver even better and more personalised services”.