With 2018 almost coming to end, we asked Airbnb to predict the experiential travel trends for 2019. Based on bookings and keyword search, here’s what we can look forward to:

Nouveau Yoga

Goat Yoga was all the rage in 2018, but new forms of yoga are predicted for 2019. These include experiences like meditate with horses and Equine Forest Yoga among others.

Meditation and Hiking

Meditation and hiking activities are among the most searched experiences, each generating over three times their average keyword searches in recent months.

Wine Tasting

With an increase in bookings by seven times in late 2018, wine tasting is among Airbnb’s fastest-growing Experiences.

Food Experiences

Cutting carbs is no more a popular phenomenon. Pizza and Pasta still lead as the most booked food Experiences among travellers. Keyword searches for the popular food group even increased by six times recently.

History Experiences

Global bookings of history-based Airbnb Experiences are growing three times faster than food and drink, and are predicted to be the most booked experience category in 2019.