The General Manager of Four Seasons Hotel Bengaluru at Embassy One, Fredrik Blomqvist lists down five things that he has learnt as an Expat GM in India.

In India since January 2018, as an employee of Four Seasons Hotel Bengaluru at Embassy One, I have seen the project and team grow in steady positive reflection. The journey has been exceptional and filled with so many colourful and joyful moments. The experience of being a part of this hospitality group has been tremendous, and has taught me several things:

  • People, I have noticed here are very confident, well-spoken and talented – I make sure to double check everyone on the team is heading the correct direction in terms of project/goals as sometimes individual engines tend to steer in various different directions. There is always a method to the madness that one can aim for.
  • Appointment time agreed upon is just a mere suggestion and most people decide to come a “little” later than the set time. That teaches the other person patience. Anytime and every time a calm, zen mode – a virtue one can learn here.
  • Always be prepared for all kinds of unpredictable eventualities. You need a plan B and even plan C. There are many twists and turns, substitutes or replace, but it eventually pans out well.
  • Nothing is impossible if you know the right people and are flexible. Having a solution-oriented approach is very important.
  • Take everything with a pinch of salt – or a fistful, or a sackfull! It is required to master the art.

In the end, there is no secret formula, but rather a way of finding the right balance, learn from others, be sincere, focussed and transparent,  and everyone will follow.